Making an Impact

TAP - Making an Impact 1


With new ideas, energy and commitment,
we’re changing every classroom in every school for the better.

TAP - Making an Impact 2

Raising Student Achievement

The ultimate goal of TAP is to raise student achievement. The method for getting there is to create incentives and support structures that will maximize teacher effectiveness; and it’s working.

Tap - Educator Quality

Educator Quality

Research shows that having high-quality teachers in the classroom is the single most important school factor driving increased student achievement.

Tap - Student Impact

Student Impact

An effective teacher can increase the aggregate earnings of a class of 20 students by $400,000 each year.

Tap - Collaboration


The work environment in a TAP school breaks down the isolation that too often characterizes the teaching profession.

Redefining Impact in Tennessee


of TENN teachers said compared to last year, I feel I am a more effective teacher this year under TAP.


of TENN teachers agreed to using their evaluation results and feedback to improve their teaching and grow professionally.


of TENN teachers feel strongly supported from the teachers at their grade level.


of TENN teachers believe they are becoming a better teacher because of the support and collaboration at their TAP school.


of TENN teachers explain their school has set clear goals for student learning under TAP.

Tennessee Teachers Support TAP

67% - Multiple Career Paths

Multiple Career Paths

79% - Professional Growth

Professional Growth

65% - Performance Pay

Performance Pay

85% - Accountability


97% - Collegiality


Tennessee Administrators Support TAP


agree my leadership team participates in joint decision making with administrators.


agree teachers in my schools collaborate to analyze student work.


agree teachers in my schools are working harder.


agree TAP evaluation system improves my teachers’ instructional practices.

National Impact

New and Continuing TAP Schools Outperform Similar Schools
TAP Schools Retain More Teachers